Bicycle Directors' Association of America


The first year membership fee is $150.00 with a $100.00 per year renewal rate. Membership dues are based on a calendar year and due January 1st of each year. They are considered past due on Fedruary 1st and dues will be $150.00. 

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BRDAA Insurance
BRDAA has endorsed a policy for one-day events, multi-day touring events and annual coverage for bicycle clubs. The coverage is $1,000,000 per occurrence $2,000,000 aggregate liability and $25,000 excess medical. Higher limits on each are readily available. The liability policy offers hired and non-owned automobiles as well as host liquor liability coverage. The BRDAA policy does require a waiver to be used. A quote will be given to you over the phone for current members. BRDAA also has the contacts to provide insurance for bicycle racing, triathlons, exhibitions, concerts and most events.

For further information regarding insurance, please contact:
Ed Moore at HCM Event Insurance Services
BRDAA Insurance Chairman (866) 866-7090

BRDAA Mailing
A mailing list of ride participants has been compiled from BRDAA member events. BRDAA currently provides a co-op mailing to 30,000 cyclists throughout the Southwestern United States. BRDAA plans include the development of a nationwide mailing list. We are also building an e-mail list at this time. All BRDAA members may contribute their regional and/or local mailing lists to this nation-wide rider database. Contributors, in turn, will receive access to the database in numbers equal to their contribution and may purchase additional lists based on zip code information. BRDAA periodically conducts group mailings of event flyers and the Bicycle Event Guide. For specific information regarding BRDAA mailings, please contact our Association office.

BRDAA Advertising
As an organization, BRDAA has successfully negotiated advertising discounts for its members. BRDAA members are currently receiving discounts from Cycle California, Tailwinds, The Bicycle Event Guide, and Southern California Bicyclist.

For further information regarding discounts and distribution, please contact the following:

            Cycle California (888) 292-5323                                                                               PBAA (Tailwinds)(602) 745-2033
            Bicycle Event Guide, (800) 679-2453

            BRDAA Calendar
            This web page calendar lists specific information on BRDAA events, with links to their individual event pages and is free to BRDAA members. BRDAA members may also purchase ad space in the Bicycle Event Guide published by BRDAA member K.C. Butler and distributed semi-annually through direct mail and bike shops.



            BRDAA Meetings
            BRDAA has dinner meetings in the Southern California region. Please contact the Association office for dates and times. These meetings are a great opportunity to meet the people who put on the biggest and best events. Industry trends, insurance needs, event updates and everything pertaining to the organization of cycling events are discussed.


            BRDAA Promotion
            Thanks to the efforts of BRDAA members, your event flyers and/or brochures can be promoted and distributed at numerous cycling events. This is done as a courtesy to BRDAA members and there is no fee involved for this service. For further information, please call our Association office.